traumatized patients therapist

Recognizing Pain: Two Major Reasons Pain Is Significant For Life

traumatized patients therapist

Recognizing Pain: Two Major Reasons Pain Is Significant For Life

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Living through pain can be a dream come true for some, however, it is a nightmare.

Patrice Abela has watched his daughters aged 12 and 13 live through this life challenge.

It started with his eldest walking through the house with blood-stained feet yet she felt nothing.

The software developer in the French city of Toulouse glared in pain as his second child started exhibiting the same trait.

Then, both girls were diagnosed with a severe congenital disorder called Congenital Insensitivity to Pain (CIP).

“When they take a shower, they perceive hot and cold, but if it burns they don’t feel anything,” the father of four said.

“Due to repeated infections, my eldest daughter lost the first joint of each of her fingers. She also had to have a toe amputated.”

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Repeated knee injuries have sentenced the girls to a lifetime of wheelchairs and clutches.

Risk of CIP

Like these girls, people living with this condition are exposed to amputation due to an impending infection.

Why pain is important for life

It plays a major role in protecting us against dangers.

Dr Didier Bhousara, a physician at the hub of pain evaluation and treatment at Ambroise-Pare hospital in Paris, spoke on the significance of pain. According to him;

  1. It protects us from our environment.
  2. It protects us from self-harm.
  3. Announces pain-inclined illnesses like appendicitis.

His words:

“Pain plays a major physiological role in protecting us from the dangers of our environment.

In extreme cases, “babies mutilate their tongue or fingers while teething.”

“They have to be taught what is innate in others: to protect themselves,” he added.

Ingo Kurths, a member of Germany’s Institute of Human Genetics explains this condition.

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He said there are now 20 causes of this infection.

The CIP which was first discovered in 1930 can lead to blindness.

Kurth’s words:

“Blindness can also occur because the eye must always be kept moist and the nervous system controls these processes via the so-called blink reflex.”

“We have learned that there are now more than 20 genetic causes of congenital or progressive insensitivity to pain.”


The physician said there is no cure for this life-threatening condition. However, there are hopes for therapies in the future.

“No real drug breakthroughs have been made so far,” he told AFP.

He added that “But our understanding of the molecular causes of CIP continues to reveal new targets, and based on this, hopefully, new therapies will be developed in the coming years.”

Source: PUNCH Health Wise

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