Nurses in The UK

Real Truth Behind Fake Nurse Caught In Lagos Hospital

Nurses in The UK

Real Truth Behind Fake Nurse Caught In Lagos Hospital

Management of LASUTH has broken silence on the fake nurse caught in a Lagos hospital.

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The Management of the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Ikeja debunked the report that the fake nurse was apprehended in their hospital.

According to a post available on Instagram, LASUTH said the incident occurred at Randle General Hospital, Surulere.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday there was a viral video of a man parading to be a nurse.

A Facebook user identified as Sefinatu Umaru shared the video of this man who was apprehended in the hospital.

In the video, the man whose complexion is dark-brown was apprehended for allegedly trying to steal a baby.

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The man was spotted in the company of officials of the hospital while the police escorted him. He was dressed in a nurse’s uniform. The police also questioned him while he was being escorted.

The poster claimed the incident occurred at Ayinke House, LASUTH.

Reacting to the post and the fake nurse incident at the Lagos hospital, LASUTH debunked the claims on Instagram. They also stated clearly that Sefinatu Umar’s claim was false.

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LASUTH wrote:

“We implore social media users to make effort in ascertaining the origin of their stories before publishing. Unverified stories like this have the capacity to create unnecessary fear and panic in the populace.

“The above clarification is, therefore, made to invalidate the misleading information credited to LASUTH by Safinatu Umaru.”

Meanwhile, PUNCH Health Wise learned that the man was in fact at the Randle hospital.

According to their report, he gained access into the changing room of the nurses. He changed into the uniform of the nurses at the Randle General Hospital where he was apprehended.

Source: PUNCH Health Wise

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