Chrisland Pupils

Psychologist Sends Two Strong Messages To Chrisland Pupils Over Sex Tape

Chrisland Pupils

Psychologist Sends two Strong Messages To Chrisland Pupils Involved In Sex Tape.

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A Clinical Psychologist has sent two strong message to Chrisland pupils Involved In a Sex Tape.

The Psychologist identified as, Oluwakemi Akintoyese, directed the message to the parents of the children.

Akintoyese advised the parents of the children involved in the illicit act to get them psychological care and therapy.

In a chat with news correspondent, the expert said the children involved in the act have already formed a mindset about sex. She resolved that only special care can restore their minds to normalcy.

She made this comment in reference to the viral sex tape involving secondary minors, including a 10-year-old girl and three other boys.

This purported video was recorded while pupils of Chrisland travelled to Dubai in March for the World School Games. The competition is a four-day annual event with schools from all over the world.

Nigerian celebrity and talent manager, Ubi Franklin brought the incident to the public in a series of tweets. The Talent Manager had accused the school of concealing the case.

Ubifranklin1 on Sunday night tweeted:

“Just got off the phone with a friend of mine. His 10-year-old daughter was selected to represent her school at the World School Games in Dubai,”

“His daughter was r**ped by fellow students, video tapped and posted on Instagram and the school concealed it for a month.”

This post has since sparked mixed reaction especially after a sex tape showed that the victim was not raped.

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The Lagos State Government weighed in on the situation and shutdown all the seven branches of the school.

Also, the Lagos State Police Command are still investigating the case to verify claims of sexual violation.

Reacting to the heated and shocking incident, Akintoyese lamented on the spate of moral decadence.

According to her, a lot have gone wrong in moral instructions and value system.

Her words:

 “Now, a whole lot of children are exposed to quite a lot of things that they shouldn’t be exposed to, especially with the advent of the social media. The internet has given a leeway into all sorts of vices.

“It boils down to the discipline which is also no longer there. Children now have so much freedom and liberty. We don’t want them to suffer like we suffered, but then again, it’s also having a ripple effect.”

The Psychiatrists advised parents to pay attention to the following key factors when raising their kids. They are:

  • Effective communication.
  • Personal morals.

She continued:

“It’s not just about focusing on their academics. Unfortunately, the society has also not helped because parents have to work and there is no proper monitoring.”

Akintoyese said that children love to explore thing and living them alone for too long can be dangerous.

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She explained that children are fragile, adding that a lot could have led to this incident.

“They have peer pressure too. It is also possible that it was because some of their friends do it, that they also decided to try it out,” she said.

The medical expert urged the parents of the children involved in the video to help their wards through psychological care.

“I would suggest that they get help for these children as quickly as possible. It’s not something you cover, and I think that’s one thing that we need to talk about. Let them get people who can help them; therapists who can help them to begin to understand life. They need to undergo therapy,” she advised. Source: PUNCH Health Wise

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