WELLNESS HEALTH MANAGEMENT Services Limited (formerly Investcorp Medicare Ltd) is a foremost National Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) positioned to revolutionize healthcare financing and delivery in Nigeria.

Our business is to underwrite health risk of various groups and individuals based on sound insurance and risk management principles. Our diverse healthcare offerings are accessible, affordable and fun.

Health Insurance Cover


Health Plan

This health insurance is designed just for corporate entities, with several benefits and services you can’t imagine.

Family & Personal
Health Plan

This is a tailored to suit specific health needs of individuals and families with benefits structured to ensure your Wellness all year round

Oga Protect

This is a unique premium healthcare solution created specifically for business owners and entrepreneurs

Senior Citizen

This plan provide quality health care for the peculiar health needs of our loved ones from the age of 60 to 85 through our nationwide hospital network.

Retail Chain


We operate and own a chain of retail pharmaceutical stores, supplying ethical products and innovative medical devices in Nigeria. We are also a major retailer of medications for many multinationals.

We are most concerned about the health of Nigerians as we strive to provide expert services across the country.

Popular medications we sell include :

Health supplements, medication we sell are :

Travels, Visa Processing, Hotel Booking
and Flight Schedules


Wellness Travels and Medical Tourism caters for the Nigerian Population that needs medical treatment abroad and also Promote wellness vacation with health screening / Medical checkup.

We are committed to offering excellent services to our clients through provision of personalized overseas healthcare services and packaged vacation to wellness destinations.

Visa Processing and Hotel Booking

Flight Booking and Ticketing

Travel Medical Insurance

Travel Medical Insurance

Medical Treatment / Checkup Abroad

Medical Treatment / Checkup Abroad

Telemedicine and Pre-employment Screening

Sourcing for FOREX for your Trip

Health Tech and Home Care Platform​


Wellness Healthcare is an innovation to take quality healthcare to the low-income people at a highly reduced rate. We make quality healthcare more accessible and affordable.


Instead of going to the hospital for diagnosis, we will take medical care to you through an auxiliary healthcare personnel that has a working understanding of how our solar gadget works.

Get Vitals

With the help our “Medical Gadget” and experienced auxiliary personnel, we can vital signs; temperature, heart rate, etc. And send your vital signs to the cloud for analysis.

Instant Result

Get your test analyzed and the result sent to you in the comfort of your home in less than 2 hours.


For a little token fee not more than N5000,we offer a premium healthcare service, as our solar-powered mobile diagnostic healthcare system (MDHC) is taken to the rural area to test.

Own Brands Of Products (Home Care)


This is created to provide our clients with stress-free access to quality skin care products through responsive and superior professional services.



Retail Line

We ensure to deliver to households our range of products and ensure its continuous availability in our stores. With experience and superior service, we are committed to ensure satisfactory service delivery.


Wellness Trading is unique in its ability to deliver novel formulas from concept to consumer sale. With our broad capabilities, experience and superior service, we are committed to distribute our products to allied retail stores.

Telemedicine + Online Directory ​


Health Deals / Wellness on the Go


Health Directory

Health Directory

HMO Insurance Deals

HMO Insurance Deals

Health Store /

Interview + Vox Pop + Submissions

Talk ‘N’ Walk

Talk ‘N’ Walk Wellness is a 40 minutes health show that bridges the existing health Information gap by addressing issues associated with the general wellbeing of the people.

The show promotes wholesome living, and provides guidelines to understanding and staying empowered as long as wellness becomes a lifestyle.