Vaginal Discharge

One Major Cause Of Fishy Odors In Vaginal Discharge, What You Must Know

Vaginal Discharge

One Major Cause Of Fishy Odours Vaginal Discharge, What Persons Must Do

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Vaginal discharge with fishy odours has been described as a sign of infection by a health expert.

Dr Toluwani Binutu, a UK-based Nigerian medical expert has revealed one major cause of concern for fishy odours that accompanies vaginal discharge.

According to the doctor, women with fishy-smelling vaginal discharge should see a medical doctor. He noted that this could be a sign of vaginosis.

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What is Vaginosis?

Mayo Clinic describes vaginosis as a bacterial infection caused by an overgrowth of bacteria. This overgrown bacteria upsets the natural balance of the bacteria that are always present in the vaginal.

The Integrated healthcare education and information portal say women of their reproductive age are exposed to this condition.


The health portal revealed that the cause of vaginosis is completely known, however, two activities can lead to it. They are:

  • Unprotected sex.
  • Frequent douching.

Dr Binutu advised women to pay attention to their vaginal discharge. He noted that the colour and odour can help detect any health issues in the vaginal.

He said that a white or clear discharge is normal, especially just before or after the period.

The doctor explained that if the discharge is thick and solid white like cottage cheese accompanied by itching or soreness, it might be a yeast infection.

He said: 

“Brown vaginal discharge indicates the presence of blood, and it is normal to have this just before or just after your period.

“That said, it can also indicate a number of conditions (it may be a sign of early pregnancy) especially if they occur at other times during your cycle.

“However, if the brown discharge lasts for several weeks, frequently happens after sex, has an unpleasant smell, occurs after your menopause, or comes together with other symptoms (painful urination, vaginal itching, pelvic pain, etc) you should speak to your doctor.”

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The doctor explained that a yellow or green coloured discharge may be a sign of:

Gonorrhoea infection.

Trichomoniasis infection.

Other signs are lumpy and foul smell discharge.

He further explained that having a yellow or green coloured discharge may indicate gonorrhoea or trichomoniasis infection. The discharge may also be lumpy and have an unpleasant smell, he added.

Source: PUNCH HealthWise

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