One Important Thing To Do Before And After Singing In A Microphone


One Important Thing To Do Before And After Singing In A Microphone.

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A Nigerian doctor has advised that you do not brush your teeth before singing into a microphone.

Aproko Doctor born Chinonso Egemba gave this advice on his Instagram page.

According to the health practitioner immediate brushing of the teeth exposes one to STDs.

Rather, he advised that individuals should rinse their mouths with water after using microphones.

Also, he spoke about men and women who just had fellatio.

He warned that brushing immediately after or before it is also dangerous.

This is because individuals are at risk of contracting various STDs.

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Aproko doctor, however, said that the teeth can be brushed after a few minutes.

His words:

“Professional headmasters I greet you. In the plate cleaners (Men and women who engage in fellatio), We are learning from you also.

“In the process of licking the plate and singing into the microphone, I hope you are protecting yourself. Because it is very important.

“I know you have set the appointment three days ago just like I said. You know you have to keep to these rules and regulations for protection. But, immediately after licking the plate or singing into the microphone, do not brush your mouth immediately. Even with a toothbrush before or after.

“Because that process of brushing your mouth especially when you are brushing vigorously, you can create micro-injuries in your mouth that can infect you with those STDs.

“So, how do you clean your mouth and remove the taste of the plate that you licked and the microphone you sang into? It is what? Use water. Then after a while, you can now brush.

“Please don’t brush like you are using an iron sponge. Brush like you have the fear of God.”

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According to medical doctors and dentists, if the gums are cut while brushing, you are exposed to STIs.

Dr Erika Schwartz, MD, an internist with a specialization in disease prevention said:

“When it comes to oral sex, STIs are easily transmitted if you have mouth sores or your gums bleed when you brush your teeth. “Any areas of the body where the integrity of the skin or mucosal surface is broken—cut in the mouth, scratch on the skin—increases the risk of getting sick if the area isn’t cleaned, and your immune system isn’t in good shape.”

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