Nurses in The UK

One Important Information You Must Know About Nurses In The UK

One Important Information You Must Know About Nurses In The UK.

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A nurse in the United Kingdom has shared vital information about Nurses in the UK.

The nurse who is married to another nurse joked about his daily routine.

This nurse simply identified as Ogbeni Oluwatosin shared his plight on Twitter.

Nurse Oluwatosin revealed that he has not seen his wife for three days despite living in the same apartment.

He said that their shift clashes, hence, their inability to see each other at the close of work.

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His words:

“For the past 3 days now, I haven’t set my eyes on my wife and we live in the same house. 

“Before she gets back from a long day, I’ve gone for the night shift and before I come back the following morning, she’s gone again. 

“You guys didn’t explain this nurse-nurse marriage very well oo.”

On the same microblogging site, he explains how couples who are Nurses can cope.

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Among his suggestions is planning a work schedule.

” It’s possible you request to work same shifts, close together & have off days together. 

“You can also book your annual leave together. It isn’t as difficult as you thought. 

“It is one of the sweetest things ever,” Nurse Tosin said in another tweet.

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