Health insurance in Nigeria

Nigerian Governor Urges Civil Servants To Embrace Health Insurance In Nigeria

Health insurance in Nigeria

Nigerian Governor Urges Civil Servants To Embrace Health Insurance Scheme In Nigeria

A Nigerian State Governor has urged civil servants to embrace health insurance in Nigeria.

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Ebonyi State government advised the civil servants in the state to register for the state’s health insurance scheme.

The Executive Secretary of Ebonyi State Health Insurance Scheme, Prof Uzoma Agwu said this to journalists in Abakaliki, the state capital.

They explained that keying into health insurance would reduce mortality and improve the mobility of the citizens.

After meeting with the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and its affiliates, she urged them to enrol in the scheme.

She announced the willingness on the Government’s part to support interested civil servants.

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Agwu emphasized that implementation would only commence when the civil servants register.

She noted that 10 per cent of the health funds would come from counterparts while the government shoulders the other per cent.

The Executive Secretary maintained that the government would withdraw its investment if they fail to register.

Her words:

“The scheme is already getting implemented with only 19, 000 beneficiaries. We have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the National Obstetric Fistula Centre (NOFIC) Abakaliki, not only with health centres but also with general hospitals

“In a long time, we have been trying to implement what has been passed into law by the House of Assembly in 2018.

“We have to enrol civil servants to start having the benefits for effective healthcare with little cost and little contribution. With the right facilities, we will be able to reduce mortality and improve mobility.”

Why the Government is interested in implementing health insurance in Ebonyi

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According to Agwu, the previous antagonism from the labour unions influenced the government’s decision. She said that the government decided to implement the health insurance scheme of Ebonyi.

“We came on board in October 2020 and we have at different forums tried to convince labour leaders so that the state will benefit from the scheme. They expressed concern over where the money will be deducted from, but we said most of the civil servants agreed that 10 per cent will come from counterparts, while the rest will come from the government.

“We are happy that today the NLC and its affiliate bodies in the meeting accepted to get enrolled in the healthcare scheme. After this, we can go to the Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) and councils to sensitise the people and thereafter we can implement the health insurance scheme, hoping that they will corporate,” she added.

The National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) provides social health insurance in Nigeria. This is carried out through the pool of funds contributed by the participants of the scheme. This amounts pooled allows the various Health Maintenance Organisations (HMO) to cater for the health needs of the people.

How to Register for NHIS

To register for NHIS online, do the following:

  • Go to
  • Click register.
  • Fill out the number, name and date of birth and press submit.
  • Then you would create your account providing your email and login passwords.
  • A confirmation mail would be sent to you.
  • Then enter your login details in a new web browser to access the account.

Meanwhile, the Lagos Health Insurance Scheme simply known as Lagos State Health Scheme LSHS is a health insurance initiative by the Government of Lagos.

The goal of the State Government is to provide universal health coverage for the people of Lagos State.

How to register for the Lagos Health Insurance

The Lagos Health insurance can be done through the following:

  • Enrollment points.
  • Platforms.
  • Licensed health insurance agents.
  • LASHMA Wellness Ambassadors.




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