man holding is chest caused by hypertension

Myths About Being Hypertensive That Truly Kills: Heart Disease

Although certain triggers such as excessive intake of salt, alcohol, smoking, obesity or just inherited high blood pressure could be causes of a Heart Disease but it doesn’t end there. Many misconceptions about Hypertension and Heart Diseases are commonly and occasionally said when discussing it, as we most times believe we are not endangered to it because of some popular lifestyle or factors that are said to be the only triggers of a hypertensive heart but the truth is focusing on these assertions are the reasons more people are getting hypertensive. These popular assertions about hypertension are mere myths and being hypertensive goes beyond them.

If you don’t salt your food, hypertension is far away from you.

pouring salt

Excessive salt in food are not the ones added at the last minute from your tabletop salt shaker. They are those processed into the food during manufacturing, especially for canned goods, soups, tomato products, and condiments. Yes! Not consuming salt eludes you from being hypertensive but that’s not all it takes.

“Wine is good for the heart”, so let me drink as much as i can.

young man drinking red wine

Many medical researches have stated the benefits of drinking red wine to improve the heart’s activity, but excess alcohol consumption can be deadly for people with hypertension. It can lead to heart failure, stroke, and irregular heartbeats.

If you feel fine, you don’t have hypertension.

60% of hypertensive patients feel fine with hypertension before realization. “The silent killer” as it is called because if symptoms are not detected, someone can suddenly have a heart attack or stroke. Everyone wants to feel fine and that is why you should always see a doctor for regular check up.

High blood pressure is the same as a high heart rate.

High blood pressure is not the same as a high heart rate and the latter is not an indication of being hypertensive. If you realize you have a high heart rate, an irregular heartbeat or a rapid pulse. it is not a sign of being hypertensive because a ‘high heart rate’ does not cause your blood pressure to rise. If you are healthy, your blood vessels will enlarge sufficiently to allow a larger amount of blood through, especially during exercise.

Although HBP and Heart Diseases are mostly caused by salt, alcohol, smoking, obesity and more; it goes beyond it. Most times caused by Stress, Depression, etc. It is not of our wishes to be befallen with a heart attack or heart failure and that is why it is important to care for the heart and mind by knowing your numbers regularly.