Menstrual Cycle Three Other Situations Trigger Migraine – Neurologist


Menstrual Cycle and Three Other Situations Can Trigger Migraine – Neurologist

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A neurologist has said that the menstrual cycle and three other situations can trigger it.

The doctor advised Nigerians to get proper treatment for the condition.

Dr Nyandaiti who is the head of the Neurology department in the College of Medicine, University of Maiduguri urged people to take headaches seriously.

He noted that four factors can trigger migraines in people. These migraine triggers can be caused by:

  • Stress
  • Lack of sleep.
  • Change in weather.
  • Menstrual cycle.
  • Coffee.

He noted that the migraine should not be mistaken for a minor headache.

The neurologist said that it could also be a genetic condition.

What is a Migraine?

This is a neurological condition that causes a person to experience a sharp and constant headache. The headache occurs on one side of the head.

Scientific research suggests that migraine is caused by a neurovascular condition. This condition involves an interaction between the blood vessels in the head and the brain.

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Meanwhile, there is theoretically no known cause of migraine.

Symptoms Of Migraine

The symptoms of migraine distinguish it from other kinds of headaches.

In an article obtained from Medical News Today, Wellness Health learned that migraine has the following symptoms. They include:

  • Nausea.
  • Hypersensitivity to light and sound.
  • Vomiting.

Nyandaiti explained that migraine is a severe recurring type of headache attached with peculiar symptoms. He added that it was wrong to assume all kinds of headaches to be a migraine.

The neurologist acknowledged that one major symptom of migraine is the headache.

He explains:

“Migraine is a constellation of signs and symptoms. One of the symptoms of migraine is that it is not necessarily neurocranial.

“It can also be generalised but typically the headache of migraine actually builds up lasting between four hours to 72 hours.

“It can be mild to moderate. It is accompanied by other features like nausea, vomiting, aversion to light, and noise. It can come with or without an aura.”

What is a Migraine with an aura or without an aura?

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Migraine with an aura are migraines with sensory symptoms that occur prior to or during a headache. The sensory symptoms according to Medical News Today include:

  • Visual disturbances.
  • Physical disturbances.
  • Sensational disturbances.

A migraine without an aura is a migraine without sensory symptoms or disturbances.

Nyandaiti revealed the major diagnosis of migraine by the International Headache Society.

He said that “patients must have had at least five headache attacks that lasted four – 72 hours,” before they can be treated for migraine.

The neurologist also revealed that migraines can be effectively managed by neurologists.

He added that migraine headaches can be gotten rid of and the triggers can also be prevented.

Source: PUNCH Health Wise

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