Lassa Fever Outbreak

Lassa Fever Kills Three In Gombe State

Lassa Fever Outbreak

Lassa Fever Kills Three In Gombe State

Gombe State government has confirmed that three persons have died of Lassa fever.

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Dr Bile Nuhu, the Gombe State Epidemiologist, said this in a telephone interview with newsmen.

Nuhu revealed that there were also four other deaths still under confirmation of their Lassa fever status.

He said:

 “Now the incidence of the statistics of cases reported in Gombe can be classified into three namely; probable cases confirmed cases and Suspected cases.

“Statistics show that three confirmed cases have passed on, out of 11 cases.

“There are also four unconfirmed cases that died. These are four cases that died but were tagged unconfirmed because before their death their blood samples were not gotten and they have been buried hence they were classified as unconfirmed.

“Now also, two cases that their blood samples were taken and their results were been awaited equally passed on.

“There are also four probable cases they were tagged probable cases because although their blood samples were collected they died before the results came.

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“The striking factor is that these probable cases had close contact with a confirmed case who has died as they exhibited same symptoms with their close contact who is dead.

“The person died but his samples had been taken. Although he exhibited the same symptoms with someone who is a confirmed case, that doesn’t make him a confirmed case.

“If someone was brought into the hospital and his samples were collected and he eventually died. If his result came back positive that can be tagged as a confirmed case but if his result didn’t come back it is a suspected case.”

Lassa fever is fast becoming endemic

Speaking about preventive measures such as improved hygiene, he noted that there were eight more cases. However, the new cases were responding to treatment.

The Epidemiologist also emphasised the need for early detection since the disease is becoming endemic.

“By endemic, it means it is now always around,” he said.

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He alerted residents to always take prompt action against a fever that refuses heal.

The four local government areas where the disease is in Gombe are:

  •  Yalmatu LGA.
  •  Deba LGA.
  • Akko LGA.
  • Kaltungo LGA.

Source: PUNCH Health Wise

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