Lagos Nurse Edo Businesswoman

Lagos Nurse Painfully Kills Edo Business Woman In Failed Surgery

Lagos Nurse Edo Businesswoman

Lagos Nurse Painfully Kills Edo Business Woman In Failed Surgery

An Edo businesswoman, Fatima Isa, has been murdered at the Felobam Alpha Clinic in Lagos State.

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Wellness Health News reports that the family of the deceased have demanded justice.

We learned that Isa died during a fibroid surgery at the Clinic located at Mafoluku Oshodi on Thursday.

According to her family, the surgery was conducted by a nurse.

In a report obtained from PUNCH Metro, the deceased and her sister travelled to the facility from their hometown in Auchi, Edo state.

Her sister identified as Queen said she spent the night with the victim at the hospital.

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According to Queen, the incident occurred after she went to withdraw the sum of 190,000 for the procedure.

Queen said that when she arrived from the bank, her sister had already been admitted into the theatre without filling out any form. According to her, this happened around 1.35 pm.

She explained:

“When I did not hear from them for four hours, I called one of the nurses to know what was happening but was told that they were cleaning her up. Around 5 pm, the doctor walked out of the hospital and as I asked after my sister, she said she was OK.

“Later, they brought my sister out. But when I saw my sister, she was breathing abnormally. I quickly alerted the doctor and nurses and the person assisting the doctor came and started hitting my sister’s lap.

“When my sister shook her head, the assistant doctor said she was OK, simply because she shook her head. But as he stepped out, she started breathing heavily and all of sudden, she stopped breathing and that was how she died.

“I quickly called the doctors and nurses again. When they rushed in, they said I should go out, but I refused. I started shouting and crying. I called one of my sisters, Kate, and she came around 8 pm. We both slept where Fatima’s corpse was dumped in the hospital.

“The doctors and nurses just abandoned us there. Early in the morning, I called my sister in Asaba, who told us to call our cousin, Momoh, who was in Lagos. We want the government to help us get justice for what they did to my sister. We heard the person that operated on my sister is not even a doctor.”

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Last words

Queen recounted how Fatima chanted ‘God have mercy on me’ before passing away.

The bereaved sister said that when she got to the facility, the place looked worse than an abattoir.

She said the doctor told her that her sister developed cardiac arrest and died.

Lagos Nurse Quack or Professional

When the doctor was asked about how the deceased developed a cardiac arrest, Queen said he sounded unprofessional.

“I asked the cause of the cardiac arrest, but the doctor was just speaking like an illiterate and could not even make a complete sentence,” she said.

Queen lamented that she was surprised that such a person was running a hospital in Lagos State.

She continued:

“We asked for her file and they brought out a paper, but there was nothing in the file to indicate that a test was carried out before the surgery.

“We asked who performed the surgery and we were told one Lawrence, and that he works with LASUTH.

“We collected Lawrence’s phone number, but he didn’t pick up his call.

Then after much protest and investigation, they learned that the surgeon isn’t a doctor but a nurse.

She concluded:

“We got the death certificate, which was signed by Lawrence, and reported at a police station in Mafoluku because we want justice.”

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There was a video clip obtained by a PUNCH correspondent where one Felix was heard telling Queen that Fatima died of cardiac arrest.

Meanwhile, Felix and Lawrence did not respond to calls when news correspondents left him.

Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, Benjamin Hundeyin, said two suspects linked to the death of the businesswoman had been arrested

He said, “Two people, including the nurse that did the operation, have been arrested.

“They have been transferred to the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department, Yaba, for further investigation.”

Source: PUNCH Health Wise

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