how to give CPR

How to Give CPR Properly: Step By Step Process For Beginners

how to give CPR

CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) is a life-saving procedure. When a person’s heart and breathing cease, it aims to maintain blood and oxygen moving through the body. CPR can increase or even triple a person’s chances of survival if it is started promptly after their heart stops pumping.

When someone is not breathing, doing CPR on them can assist keep them alive until help arrives. It works by keeping a person’s blood circulating until medical assistance arrives. Even if you don’t have any first aid training, you can save a life by following the CPR procedures.

how to give CPR by best HMO in Nigeria
  1. Evaluate the situation

Make sure it’s safe for you to reach the individual who requires assistance.

  1. Examine the person’s response.

“Are you OK?” inquire loudly, shaking their shoulder. Check for a response from a younger person by tapping the bottom of the foot.

  1. Lie the individual down on their back and clear their airway

Kneel beside the person’s chest and delicately place them on their back. Raise their chin and tilt their head back slightly.

Check for any obstructions in their mouth, such as food or vomit. If there is a loose impediment, remove it. Attempting to grip it if it is not free may drive it farther into the airway.

  1. Get aid right away if the person isn’t responding.
  • Determine the location of your hands.
  • Place the heel of one of your hands in the center of the person’s chest, between the nipples, if they are an adult. 
  • Place your other hand on top of the one you just used. 
  • Your fingers should be interlocked and your hand’s heel should be on their chest.
  1. Look for signs of respiration.

Listen for no more than 10 seconds with your ear near to the person’s lips. Start CPR if you don’t hear breathing or just hear sporadic breaths. If you feel like the person is not responding, you can reach the best healthcare insurance specialists here or here. They can help you with the most important steps to take, immediately.

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