BLood banks

Health Experts Reveals Two Major Benefits Of Donating Blood

BLood banks

Health Experts Reveals Two Major Benefits Of Donating Blood

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A consultant Paediatric Haematologist and Oncologist with Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Professor Edamisan Temiye spoke about these benefits.

He explained first that one major problem in Nigeria was people’s reception to blood transmission. The prof of medicine explained further that the act is beneficial to the blood donor.

Prof Temiye said blood donation saves lives and improves overall health.

He, however, lamented the attitude to blood donation in Nigeria.

Firstly, the doctor berated the act of compelling a family member to donate blood if a relation is involved in an emergency crisis.

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He explained that the reason is that Nigerians generally do not voluntarily respond to the donation of blood.

His words:

“The approach in Nigeria where family members are compelled to donate blood for their loved ones during emergencies is wrong. Voluntary blood donation is the way to go.

“What we are passing through in Nigeria is not ideal. If your relation wants to go for surgery, then a family member must be asked to donate blood because there is a shortage of blood in the blood bank.

“But if people go to donate blood voluntarily and there is blood in our blood banks, you don’t need to compel anybody to donate blood because blood is already available.

“But because we don’t have people voluntarily coming to donate blood, family members are always compelled to donate blood when their loved ones are sick and require a blood transfusion. This is not the best.”

According to data by the World Health Organisation, WHO, blood transfusion saves lives and improves health.

“Providing safe and adequate blood should be an integral part of every country’s national health care policy and infrastructure,” WHO explained.

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The Nigerian-trained physician also spoke about superstitious beliefs about blood donation.

According to him:

“Our belief system is affecting blood donation as well as our attitude to health. The attitude of people to health is poor.

“The belief by many Nigerians that when they donate blood it will be used for ritual purposes is a major problem. 

“Some say that they don’t have enough blood forgetting that before they donate blood, they will be screened whether they are fit for the donation or not.”

He called for public enlightenment on the benefits of blood donation.
Source: PUNCH Health Wise

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