Epilepsy Causes of Epilepsy

Health Expert Reveals Two Strong Causes Of Epilepsy

Epilepsy Causes of Epilepsy

Health Expert reveals two strong causes of epilepsy.

A health expert, Dr Ikenna Onwuekwe, a professor of Neurology has revealed two strong causes of epilepsy.

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Onwuekwe said the first cause is poor oxygen supply to the brain of a newborn. He explained that prolonged labour or complications around childbirth causes impaired oxygen.

He also explained that pregnant women who are infected with rubella expose their unborn babies to epilepsy.

In a chat with PUNCH HealthWise, he highlighted these causes of epilepsy. They are:

  • Meningitis.
  •   Impaired oxygen or blood supply to the brain.
  • Rubella – a contagious viral infection.

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His words:

“Prolonged labour or complications around birth causing impaired oxygen or blood supply to the brain with consequent brain damage can lead to epilepsy.

“Neurological infections after birth such as meningitis may also lead to epilepsy in children.”

Epilepsy or Isolated seizures

Dr Onwuekwe described epilepsy as a condition that can be treated successfully with medication. He also explained that surgical procedures can be used to treat the condition as well.

Meanwhile, isolated seizures can occur for multiple reasons. They are:

  • Brain tumour.
  • Imbalance of nerve signalling brain chemicals.
  • Brain damage from illness or injury.
  • Stroke.

Onwuekwe clarified that children with epilepsy can live normal lives. According to him, they can have an education and become responsible members of the family and society as adults.

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He explained:

“Social support always helps people with epilepsy. It is imperative to continue public health education to remove the stigma and eliminate discrimination surrounding epilepsy.

“False teachings such as it being a curse or due to evil spirits or being untreatable must be refuted vigorously. A lot of ignorance about epilepsy has been known since the history of man. It is not infectious and cannot be spread by having sex. Patients with the condition can get married and have normal children in most cases.”

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