Health Expert Reveals Two Groups Less Susceptible To Malaria


Health Expert Reveals Two Groups Less Susceptible To Malaria

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A health expert has said that some genotypes are less susceptible to contracting Malaria.

A professor of medicine Dr Tanimola Akande disclosed this during a press conference.

He said that individuals with AS and AC genotypes are less susceptible to Malaria.

The medical doctor noted that the case was serious in people with AA genotype.

He explained:

“People with the AA genotype are indeed susceptible to malaria,.

“but the reason why such persons are more likely to be infected with malaria remains a mystery.”

He later noted that the ‘S’ and ‘C’ haemoglobin remains the known cause of less susceptibility to Malaria in AC and AS persons.

“AA genotype people are more susceptible to malaria than those with AS genotype.

“The susceptibility is about the genetic composition. Research is still ongoing to know the exact reason for this.

“Haemoglobin genotypes have been known to predispose individuals to or protect them from various diseases or infections”

He explained further that:

“The presence of sickle haemoglobin Hb-S in red cells limits the development and multiplication of the parasite.”

The health expert further explained this using a 2012 Study. The study was published by National Centre for Biotechnology Information.

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According to the study titled:

‘Haemoglobin variants and Plasmodium falciparum malaria in children under five years of age living in a high and seasonal malaria transmission area of Burkina Faso’.

452 children living in four rural villages were tested.

The frequencies of HB genotypes were:

•AA 73.2%.
•AC 15.0%.
•AS 8.2%.
•CC 2.2%.
•SC 1.1%.
•SS 0.2%.

After one year, researchers found that:

•AC or AS had less clinical Malaria cases.
•AA genotype had less clinical cases especially in children with five-years.

The conclusion and recommendations from the study is:

“would be advisable for clinical studies of malaria in endemic regions to consider haemoglobin gene differences as a potentially important confounder, particularly among younger children.”

The Medical doctor also addressed the importance of a Malaria test.

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He said that Malaria test must be conducted before the use of pills.

Dr Tanimola categorizes those who can use Malaria drugs to prevent the case.

He explained that foreigners can use Malaria drugs to prevent the ailment since they are new to a Malaria endemic environment.

His words “Preventive treatment of malaria can be used for people who are susceptible to severe malaria, like foreigners from countries where malaria is not endemic.”

Source: PUNCH HealthWise

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