Fallopian Tubes

Gynaecologist Reveals Three Ways Fallopian Tubes Can Be Blocked

Fallopian Tubes

Gynaecologist Reveals Three Ways Fallopian Tubes Can Be Blocked

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A Gynaecologist has revealed three major causes of blocked fallopian tubes. The health expert also explained how this leads to infertility.

Professor Solomon Avidime of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Ahmadu Bello University, disclosed this to newsmen.

According to him, these three conditions can lead to blocked fallopian tubes. They are:

  • Untreated Pelvic Disease.
  • Unsafe abortion.
  • Postpartum infection.

He revealed one sure way for women dealing with this condition to conceive. He said that women with blocked tubes can only conceive through assisted reproduction. This can be done with reproductive technology.

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The health expert highlighted a major risk of not treating infection properly. According to him, this often leads to blocked fallopian tubes.

He said:

“Women diagnosed with tubal blockage should seek medical care from fertility experts who will conduct a series of evaluations and predict their chance of getting pregnant.

“There are lots of tests that are conducted to test whether the tubes are truly blocked. 

“Those tests should be done by doctors and if the tubes are blocked, they will suggest to the women the means of getting pregnant.

“Women that have fallopian tube blockage will find it difficult to conceive naturally. But by way of technology, they are now able to conceive.”

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Dr Solomon stated two assisted reproductive technology available for women with blocked tubes. They are through the:

  • IVF.
  • Embryo transplant.

He continued:

“Women with blocked fallopian tubes are offered In Vitro Fertilisation and embryo transplant. That is the treatment given to women that have suffered fallopian tube blockage.

“But surgery to open up blocked fallopian tubes is not usually successful and can cause ectopic pregnancy.

“Ectopic pregnancy is a life-threatening condition such that if it is not handled quickly, the woman can die from it.”

How blocked fallopian tubes cause infertility

On this, the doctor said once the tubes are blocked, spermatozoa are unable to pass through the tubes to meet the egg.

Solomon said:

“What makes the tubes block is infection. Once the fallopian tubes are blocked, it means that the passage for the spermatozoa to meet with the eggs in their original position before they will be fertilised and transported back into the womb is impossible. 

“So, all infections should be treated because if infections are not treated, the long-term effect is that they will cause the blockage of the fallopian tubes and affect pregnancy chance.”

His take home for women who encounter any form of infection is to speak with a health expert. He emphasised shunning self-medication.

Source: PUNCH Health Wise

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