If I do not exhaust my maximum benefit limits in a year, will I get a refund?

For corporate organizations if your utilization is well below 60% a rebate of 10% will be given as a discount at renewal but for individuals, this might not be applicable.

What happens if I attain my medical limit before the year runs out?

Although the possibility of this happening is very remote, but in such an event, you or your sponsor will be required to pay for the subsequent treatment or renew your plan.

As a corporate organization, can we replace or substitute our members as the scheme progresses?

Replacement can be carried out based on the mode of premium payment, this is will be alighted in the policy document that will be duly signed at the commencement of the scheme.

How do you ensure that only hospitals of high standards are on your network?

A rigorous selection process is usually adopted in signing up hospitals on our network. This involves a review of credentials and certification of the intending healthcare as well as the inspection of the facility.

What happens if I misplace my ID card especially when I need to visit the doctor?

For card replacement, kindly put a call through to the Call centre and the processes of replacement will be explained to you. However, should you need to access care without your card, kindly inform us and your care will be authorized at the hospital.

What happens if I fall ill while outside my locality and can’t reach my primary care provider, or get involved in an accident and none of your hospitals is nearby?

In cases of emergencies and out of the station, you are advised to access care at the nearest hospital. However a call or notification must be placed to us in 24hours, also the receipt of care accessed and a medical report should be forwarded to us for a refund.

What do I do if I am not satisfied with the services from my hospital?

Should you be dissatisfied with the services received by your healthcare provider, kindly reach us through all our communication channels, this will be duly looked into and changes will be made where necessary.

How often can I visit the hospital?

As much as care is needed.

How do you monitor the activities of the hospitals on the scheme?

We have a medical services team which consists of qualified and experienced medical officers that carried out quality assurance on the hospitals on our network

How do I know which health plan to choose?

If you belong to a company or group, it is likely that your employer or group will choose the health plan for you. If you are buying as a family or an individual, you can choose any plan depending on your health needs, choice of hospital and budget. Our client relationship managers are always available to advise you on the appropriate health plan to be chosen.

If I have more than four children or more than one wife can I register them all?

Addition of extra dependent attracts an additional premium

Can I register with more than one provider?

Should you be buying a family plan, you could register with a provider of your choice while your spouse and dependents register with another provider. The health plan is one provider to an individual.

Can I choose other hospitals apart from those on your network?

We do not allow our enrollees to choose other hospitals, not on our network that we do not have any contractual agreement with. However, should you be interested in using a hospital, not on our network, kindly notify us or request that the provider send us an application letter. We shall carry out an accreditation exercise and if successful, the provider will be included in our network.

Who handles Wellness Healthcare Program?

The HMO system takes sole responsibility for your healthcare needs after you must have paid a certain premium. Pay- out-of-pocket is the system of paying for your healthcare at every visit made to the hospital. While retainership is where there is a contractual agreement between you and the provider to treat and send a bill to you at a later date.

What is health insurance?

Health insurance is an insurance product that provides cover for the medical and surgical expenses of an insured person, in case of a medical emergency. However, you are required to pay a premium to avail health insurance policy.

Why should I buy health insurance?

You should purchase health insurance so that you don’t lose your lifelong savings while paying for medical bills in a critical situation.

What are the things I should consider before buying my health insurance policy?

Before making a health insurance policy purchase, it is advisable for you to consider your medical needs, the type of plan you want to invest in, features of the plan, sum insured options, network hospital list, exclusions, premium, and customer reviews.

Which health insurance company offers the best HMO plans in Nigeria?

Usually, one will expect us to be humble about this but Wellness health insurance has the best and most affordable health plans in Nigeria.

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