Doctor Reveals One Major Damage Laptops Can Do To Men


Doctor Reveals One Major Damage Laptops Can Do To Men.

Nigerian doctor Chinonso Egemba has revealed one serious reason men should desist from placing their laptops on their laps.

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Dr Egemba took to his Instagram page where he is popularly known as Aproko doctor to make this known.

Aproko doctor said that men who intend to have children should desist from this habit.

He advised men who work in the tech industry to always place their laptops on a desk instead of their laps.

Aproko doctor’s words:

“This particular video is for the tech bro. We know they called it a laptop but that’s not why you should put it on your laps.

“It is because your future generation is in between your leg. And there is a reason they are outside your body.

” Those two things testicles also called Akpamu in between your legs and outside the body. They are outside the body so that they are at an optimal temperature to produce sperm.

“When you now carry a laptop and put it on top of it, you might as well just carry it and put it on top of a stove. Because that’s what you are doing, you are cooking it.

“And when the temperature is not optimal, proper sperm production will not occur.

“So, remove the laptop from your lap and put it on a table. Especially if you are going to work for long hours.”

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He concludes by urging men in tech to stop “putting their unborn babies in a microwave.”

In an article obtained from Fatherly, men who place laptops on the laps may become impotent.

Christopher Sipe, a reproductive endocrinologist in Illinois gave an expert view.

Speaking with Fatherly, Sipe said:

“The main issue with placing a laptop directly on the lap is the heat transfer from the hot battery on the underside of the laptop to the upper thigh and groin area.”

He further explained that the long-term impact of this may be disastrous. This is especially for a man who intends to have children.

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Sipe continued:

“Regular and long-term placement of a laptop on the lap can cause a rise in temperature, which is spermatotoxic and can kill sperm.”

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