breastmilk in microwaves

Do You Warm Breastmilk In Microwave? See One Reason You Must Stop It

breastmilk in microwaves

Do You Warm Breastmilk In Microwave? See One Reason You Must Stop It

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A health expert has warned new mothers against warming breastmilk in a microwave.

Dr Chioma Nwakanma, popularly known as Dr Zobo gave this advice on her Instagram page.

She said that warming breastmilk in a microwave causes malnutrition in babies.

Dr Zobo wrote:

Wait, what? STOPEEEET!

Yes, expressing breastmilk can save you stress when you need “me-time”. Someone can even help you feed your child.


Here are various recommended ways you can store your expressed breast milk,

1. At room temperature- Duration: Up to 4 hours.

2. Refrigerator. With stable electricity. At most, 4 days.

3. Freezer- Can last up to 6 months.


– Room temperature- Give as expressed. No need to warm up.

– Fridge- Place in a bowl of warm water and allow to cool to room temperature. Best done earlier before baby requires feeding.

Freezer. Bring out and leave to thaw in a bowl of warm water.

Heat, especially excessive heat destroys the important nutrients in the breastmilk, therefore reducing the quality of milk consumed by your baby. This can lead to malnutrition or even stomach upset in the infant. That’s when you may hear, “Help Doc, my baby is eating, but isn’t gaining weight.

So abeg, I know you want a quick fix, but please leave the microwave for the adults in the home. And please don’t be unfortunate enough to boil it in a pot.

Is this you? Was this helpful? Please share and help a mother today.

Yours in health.

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An article on the Healthline portal also warns against warming breastmilk in a microwave. The portal says that this is because it doesn’t warm food evenly.

It said: “Never put breast milk in a microwave. Microwaves don’t heat food evenly, so they can make hot spots that can burn your baby.

Microwaves are also believed to damage the nutrients and antibodies in breast milk.

You can use a microwave to heat the water used for warming breast milk, however.”

Rather, a nursing mother or father is advised to warm the milk with warm water.

The portal further explained:

“To warm breast milk in a bottle warmer put the whole bottle in the heating area and follow the manual’s instructions.

Most bottle warmers take a few minutes to reach desired warmth. Keep an eye on the bottle warmer so that it doesn’t overheat, and unplug it when not in use.”

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