COVID-19: 159 New Cases, No Deaths From Deadly Coronavirus In Nigeria

Nigeria records 159 new cases of COVID-19 and no deaths of deadly coronavirus in Nigeria.

This latest health news in Nigeria report was culled from the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control.

NCDC reported this Tuesday update on Wednesday, October 20, 2021.

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According to the update, FCT and 11 other states were affected. FCT recorded the highest number of cases with 71 infections. The next in line is the epi-centre which is Lagos.

The full list can be accessed below:

FCT – 71

Lagos – 20

Imo – 17

Rivers – 15

Cross River – 9

Kano – 7

Ondo – 7

Plateau – 4

Ekiti – 3

Niger – 3

Delta – 2

Bauchi – 1

The NCDC stated that this new update has increased the number of COVID-19 cases in Nigeria. The total number of infections has been brought to 209,546.

However, 197,546 patients in the country have recovered and have been discharged.

The number of active cases is 9,162.

The number of COVID-19 related deaths remains, 2,838 since there are no recent deaths.

Meanwhile, the Federal Government has made the COVID-19 vaccines available in major health centres. The vaccines are for free.

Also, civil servants have been given a deadline to get their vaccines or risk presently a weekly result of the COVID-19 tests.

This is a measure to ensure that people get the vaccine.

Similarly, Nigeria has recorded the highest number of Tuberculosis cases due to the pandemic, a report said.

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