Breast Cancer early diagnosis increases chances of survival

Breast cancer is defined as a disease in which cells in the breast grow out of control of which, according to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, the kind of cancer in the breast is determined by the kind of cell which develops into cancer.

Meanwhile, like other kinds of cancer, breast cancer is fatal even though early detection usually enhances the chance of survival for its victims.

Explaining the devastating effects of breast cancer in the African region, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) noted “Breast cancer survival is not uniformly high around the world. There are substantial disparities in survival between more-developed and less-developed countries, as well as between different social groups within countries”[1].

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Involving men to help solve the breast cancer menace?

This will sound funny but then men cannot be relegated from being involved in solving issues like breast cancer which always threatens the safety and wellness of women and the girl child.

Nurse measuring patient blood pressure

Some scientists (in a report by The Punch Newspaper titled ‘Why men are irresistibly drawn to breasts’)[2] confirmed the love of men for breasts, hence, involving men in the protection of what they love by which they will serve as watchdogs for early diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer will be most appropriate.

On this note, men should always urge their wives, fiancés or girlfriends to conduct regular breast checks to prevent untimely death from the disease. You can download our #WellnessPlusApp to go for Cancer Screening Test, CAT.

[1]International Agency for Research on Cancer, 2022.

[2]The Punch Newspaper, 2017.

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