Adenomyosis, What is Adenomyosis, 5 Signs To Look Out For


Adenomyosis, What is Adenomyosis, 5 Signs To Look Out For

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Adenomyosis is a condition where the inner lining of the uterus interferes with the muscle wall of the uterus.

Web MD, an online health portal describes it as a condition in which the inner lining of the uterus (the endometrium) breaks through the muscle wall of the uterus (the myometrium).


  • Premenstrual cramps.
  • Premenstrual bloating.
  • Lower abdominal pressure before periods.
  • Heavy periods.
  • Enlarged uterus.

According to Wed MD, Adenomyosis is common among middle-aged women and women who have had children. 


Health experts have suggested that various hormones can trigger it. 

Also, women who have had uterine surgery are also at risk.

The hormones that trigger it are:

  • Progesterone.
  • Estrogen.
  • Follicular Stimulating Hormones (FSH).
  • Prolactin.

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The health portal revealed that the condition is usually benign and might not present any symptoms. However, it can be diagnosed through:

Adenomyosis Treatment 

Health experts have said that Adenomyosis treatment depends on the severity of the condition.  

A Nollywood actress, Nse Ikpe Etim, opened up on her battle with Adenomyosis and how she had to undergo hysterectomy.

The screen diva in a recent interview revealed that she would not be able to have children due to the treatment.

When asked how she feels about the hysterectomy, the actress said she is unabashed by her decision.

Her words:

“I felt inadequate as a woman but I’m not ashamed. That’s the least that I would be because I can’t be ashamed.

“It was tied to how I was brought up. We don’t tie shame to ourselves. We live through life fully.”

HealthWise correspondence discussed this condition with a health expert, Prof Bako Babagana.

Babagana who is a professor of Fetomaternal health said the best treatment for Adenomyosis is hysterectomy.

He said hysterectomy is the best treatment because science is still unable to come up with a cure.

Babagana said it’s symptoms include:

  • Painful menstruation.
  • Lower abdominal pain.
  • Excessive menstruation.
  • Infertility.
  • Abdominal swelling.

The health expert said the condition affects women who have had multiple childbirths.

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He explained further that the condition is the direct opposite of fibroid.

Babagana said:

“The response of women with adenomyosis to drugs is not as good as that of fibroid but you can still use those drugs to suppress its occurrence but the response is not that very good.

“The characteristics are the exact opposite of fibroid. For example, when a fibroid grows bigger causing the woman to have a large womb with swelling that you may need to remove, the adenomyosis will make the womb to be big without a specific site that contains something like a big fibroid.

“While fibroids are usually solitary because they are things that are so different from the walls of the womb so you can remove them comfortably but unfortunately in adenomyosis, it is not so. It is a bit different; it is not so different from the wall of the womb so it is not easy to remove.”

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