Adamawa Announces Shocking Report With End Of Cholera Outbreak, Start Of Monkeypox Outbreak


Adamawa Announces Shockin Report With End Of Cholera Outbreak, Start Of Monkeypox Outbreak.

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Adamawa State Government has announced the end of the cholera Outbreak and the start of the Monkeypox Outbreak.

The Ministry of Health in Adamawa State announced this in a press briefing on Thursday.

Commissioner of health, Isa Abdullahi told newsmen that the state recorded 1,959 cases of cholera since the outbreak. He added that a record of 55 deaths was reported.

His words:

“Since we have not recorded any case despite heightened surveillance for cholera for several weeks, we (government and partners) are happy to declare that the cholera outbreak was over.

“This, however, does not suggest a time to relax, but a window of opportunity to heighten our preparedness against cholera and other vaccine-preventable diseases.”

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Isa further mentioned those responsible for containing the outbreak.

According to him, the government, partners and traditional leaders played key roles.

He continued:

“With the support from the World Health Organisation and other partners, personnel were recruited, trained and engaged, and commodities were supplied for cholera management and household water purification.

“Although significant effort had been made by both government and partners, the public also has a responsibility to ensure personal hygiene, while the government is making efforts in improving the WASH sector.”

He subsequently stated that the state recorded its first monkeypox case in 2022. Isa further decried other illnesses prevalent in Adamawa. He listed Lassa fever and measles.

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Isa concluded:

“It is worthy of note to also bring to your notice that, Adamawa state recently recorded its first-ever confirmed cases of monkeypox early this year.

“We are faced with outbreaks of Lassa fever and measles and therefore, urge citizens to support the state in prompt reporting of any strange or familiar illness, as this would help in early containment of outbreaks.”

Source: PUNCH HealthWise

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