Covid-19 vaccine

8 Important Things Everyone Should Know About The Covid-19 Vaccines

Covid-19 vaccine

8 Important Things Everyone Should Know About The Covid-19 Vaccines

When combined with effective testing and existing prevention measures, COVID-19 vaccines are critical tools for bringing the pandemic under control. Following the World Health Organization’s approval of several vaccine candidates, Nigeria has started to roll out the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The threat posed by COVID-19 is enormous, extending far beyond the disease’s immediate physical effects. Due to rumors, some individuals have worries and questions about the vaccine.

Benefits of covid-19 vaccine
Young girl receiving the injection of the coronavirus vaccine in Nigeria

Are COVID-19 vaccines that have been approved safe?
Yes. The COVID-19 vaccines have fulfilled the highest safety and effectiveness requirements. Those are important, for it to be authorized for use. Although the COVID-19 vaccines were developed fast, the mechanisms for testing, reviewing findings, and certifying a vaccination have not been compromised. The World Health Organization (WHO) kept a close eye on the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines.

How does the Covid-19 vaccine work?
Vaccines train our immune systems to produce particular antibodies. These antibodies fight against disease-causing viruses, bacteria, and their toxins. Your body gets armed to combat them without ever being ill. As a result, when the body comes into contact with the viruses, it already knows how to combat them.

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Can the vaccination make me sick with COVID-19?
No. The live virus that causes COVID-19 is not present in any of the existing vaccinations. This means that a COVID-19 vaccination cannot make us sick. Symptoms experienced by vaccinated individuals (pain, fever, etc.) are evidence that your immune system is working.

Benefits of covid-19 vaccine
All you need to know about covid-19 vaccine

COVID-19 vaccines have the potential to alter my DNA.
No. Even so-called mRNA vaccinations do not alter or interact with your DNA in any way. The mRNA vaccines tell our cells how to create a protein that causes an immune response and then dissolves. This increases immunity to the virus that causes COVID-19. A vaccine’s mRNA (i.e., instructions) never penetrates the nucleus of the cell, which is where our DNA stays.

Is it safe for me to get the COVID-19 vaccine if I have a medical condition?
COVID-19 vaccines can be given to persons who have underlying medical problems. As long as they haven’t experienced a severe or acute adverse reaction to any of the vaccine’s components. Vaccination is advised as a priority in the setting of limited availability for those with comorbidities.

Is it necessary to have the COVID-19 vaccination if I have already had COVID-19 and recovered?
Everyone should be provided the COVID-19 vaccine, regardless of whether they have before been infected. Those who are sick with COVID-19, on the other hand, should postpone vaccination. They should get their vaccines after the disease has run its course. Also, they must have satisfied their health authorities’ criteria to be released from isolation. People who have had COVID-19 get immunity for at least a few months after sickness. So, health officials may opt to postpone vaccination to use their existing supply for those who have not yet been infected with the disease. Making you wait until new vaccinations become available.

How long will vaccination immunity persist once I’ve been vaccinated?
There isn’t enough scientific data on the duration of protection after vaccination yet, but many countries are looking into it. This is another reason why we should continue to use masks, keep a safe distance, and practice personal hygiene. Even after we have received our vaccines, still maintain them.

What can I do to combat COVID-19 misinformation?

One of the most difficult difficulties in combating COVID-19 is misinformation. Knowing the facts is essential for being adequately prepared and safeguarding yourself and your loved ones. If you have any questions, you can call our helpline or reach out to us via our social media handles.

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