happy couple health insurance

5 Things Women Need for a Satisfying and Healthy Sex Life

happy couple health insurance
happy couple health insurance

Some ladies have imagined themselves being dramatically carried on a table, her clothes torn, etc. This sounds like what we have seen in a lot of romantic movies, but it does not work that way for everyone.
Come to think of it, who will pick up those things after the deed is done? I mean, if you tear my cloth, what will I wear back home?
Oh, yea, I said it at the beginning, almost every lady, some like the thought of it, some do not, you want to know why? The answer is very simple; different person, different game. What works for some, will turn some others off. While some ladies want to be dominated, some want to be in control and when some want to be spanked, some will go mad if you try to, etc., the point is, different strokes wink for different folk. Some people are vocal with their needs, while some want you to figure them out yourself. To achieve maximum pleasure, one needs to pay more attention to the things that excite your partner because trying a move your partner does not like will not satisfy both of you. Therefore, to get your woman in the perfect romantic mood, here are some of the things you can do.

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STAY HEALTHY: One of the steps to take in staying healthy is going through a complete health check up. If you think it is expensive, then you should check Wellness Healthcare plans. Our HMO plans are very expensive and they are the best in Nigeria, with over 1000 registered hospitals. Don’t let fear of STDs stop you and your partner from having a good time.

SOME GOOD MUSIC: Once you both have been certified by the best healthcare specialists in Nigeria, all you have to do is enjoy. Do you think this is cliche? You are wrong, nobody will say no to a good sex playlist. Take your time to curate that perfect list, please, nobody wants to hear “Our government bad o” or “ekwueme” while collecting some quality stroking.

DO NOT PRESSURE HER: Okay, for no reason should you follow Brighto’s advice, apply pressure, it will only give you a woman who is pretending to reach orgasm. Don’t be like “I’ll make you cum 5 times”, or “are you coming?”. Saying these things can/will turn her off, in fact reading it already. I feel turned off already.

PAY ATTENTION: There is no harm in listening to her unspoken words, pay attention to those moments when her facial expression or even her moaning sounds different. What you pick from those moments are the things that will land you the golden goose. No woman reaches orgasm by doing just one thing, baby steps, just listen to her body and watch her ‘arrive’ for you.

UNDERSTAND THE ATMOSPHERE: Sometimes she just wants to cuddle, sometimes she wants it very sensual, slow, have her whole body explored with your touch or mouth and sometimes, she wants some rigorous thrusting, like a bad b*tch. Before you progress into action, understanding her mood, atmosphere, and wants will do nothing but give both of you maximum pleasure.

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BE SPONTANEOUS: Spontaneity is key, in everything, the ability to improvise and improve every time is something every woman looks forward to. Nothing is as boring as knowing the next thing your partner is about to do in bed. You too, imagine naaa. She knows that once you hold her tight, you will tell her to turn over, even if she is loudly moaning, bro, she is not feeling you.
COMMUNICATE: Please, nobody is saying you should start talking about work when you are in the middle of the action, that is insensitive, but talk about things they want to try, their fetish(everyone has one), etc., listen and be vocal about yours too.

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