Health insurance in Nigeria

5 Benefits Of Having Good Health Insurance In Nigeria

Health insurance in Nigeria

5 Give and Take of Health Insurance In Nigeria

Health Insurance in Nigeria is receiving more embrace among individuals and organizations.

The outbreak of several endemics and pandemics makes health insurance an important part of building a standard of living.

Recently in Nigeria, there is inflation due to the high cost of living.

This has adversely affected the poverty rate in the country.

Also, there is a high rate of superstition or religious belief that makes people shun the possibility of illnesses.

However, sickness can affect even the most religious and least religious persons in any society. These concerns propelled this compilation of the benefits of health insurance in Nigeria.

5 Benefits of Health Insurance In Nigeria

health insurance in Nigeria
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Improved Standard Of Living

To improve the standard of living in a country, basic needs should be subsidized which includes health. The health of a person determines how productive they will be to themselves and society.

Therefore, keying into health insurance in Nigeria enables those below the status quo to plan for their health.

This can be achieved through a pull of funds which is what health insurance is about. Funding personal health needs even as an employee may be difficult but sharing the expenses and planning ahead makes it more affordable.

According to data pulled from Numbeo, 57 per cent of Nigerians live an average life. Also, another article from T and F online reveals that the poverty rate in Nigeria is high.

So, health insurance can help improve the standard of living in Nigeria by subsidizing healthcare needs.

Benefits of health insurance in Nigeria
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Planned Finances

“Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now,” Alan Lakein.

This quote describes correctly how health insurance helps plan finances.

As stated earlier, illnesses can occur at any time in life. Also, health needs may arise when you least expect them.

This is why it is important to plan ahead and health insurance is a pull of funds to help provide basic healthcare.

Also, a person with a health insurance plan will not run into any health crisis feeling stranded. This is because there will be support from the health management organization enrolled with.

HMO pre-paid plan
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Quality healthcare becomes even more affordable with health insurance in Nigeria. The yearly premium when converted to the healthcare received surpasses paying from pocket.

Also, health insurance involves a pool of funds and is mostly a pool of chance. What this simply suggests is that it isn’t everyone who subscribes to a health insurance plan that falls into a health crisis. So, some patients are allowed to access quality care due to this merit.

Getting quality healthcare does not require one to rob the bank. This spans from being a single enrollee to obtaining a family plan with a certified HMO in Nigeria.

So, as a single person taking care of common health challenges are handled by the HMO. Also, as a married enrollee, the burden of the healthcare needs of a maximum of five dependents are absorbed.

health insurance in Nigeria
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Quality Healthcare

Health insurance is structured in a way that enrollees get quality healthcare.

Enrollees are entitled to changing their healthcare provider (hospital) if they are not satisfied with the care received.

One of the Health Management Organisations that makes this provision is Wellness HMO.

Also, pharmaceutical care, medical check-ups and consultations are supervised. With a properly structured health insurance plan proper healthcare is guaranteed.

Health insurance in Nigeria
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Hospital Options

Most health insurance plan in Nigeria spoils enrollees with various hospital list. What this means is that enrollees have the power to choose. This is especially similar to the Wellness Plus App.

Enrollees can choose a hospital from the list of hospitals used by the HMO. They can choose the hospital they are most comfortable with.

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