grey hair

Three Shocking Health Signs You Should Know About Grey Hair In Young Adults

grey hair

Three Shocking Health Signs You Should Know About Grey Hair In Young Adults.

A health expert has revealed three shocking health signs you should know about grey hair in young adults.

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Grey Hair: What Your Body Could Be Saying

The medical practitioner identified as Dr Martin Adejo said this hair in young adults could indicate:

  1. Vitamin Deficiency.
  2. Certain diseases.
  3. Stress.

Other common and unserious symptoms of the hair could be genetics.

Adejo noted that grey hair is not only for the aged but could be seen among young individuals.

In a chat with newsmen in Jos, Plateau state capital he urged people to take the growth seriously.

According to him, people now see it as a common phenomenon and are comfortable with it.

The doctor said some people whose hair is grey may not be diseased but a health screening is necessary.

His words:

“Grey hair on young people could be as a result of genetics, stress due to type of life or work engaged in or lack of certain vitamins. It could also be due to disease, but to be cock sure, medical checks are needed”

Speaking during a survey on grey hair, Adejo noted that some persons grow this hair as early as primary school.

In cases like this, he said their grey hair could be a result of genetics. He, however, emphasized the need to get a medical screening.

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Dr Adejo warned against getting worried over hair turning grey.

He continued, “People should take the growth as a new trend. Getting worried over growing grey hair is not the solution, but that there should be attitudinal change to accept the growth as a fashion trend and enjoy the look.”

Health Harvard explains that the age for growing grey hair begins at 35 for most adults.

In an article on the health portal, hair does not change to grey after growing in its original colour. Rather a new breed of hair determines the new stage.

What You Must Know About Grey Hair

Although, stress causes the follicle to change stress isn’t the only factor for grey hair.

The article explains with former US President Barack Obama:

“If you look at photos of President Obama taken before he ran for president and since he left office, you’ll notice a distinct difference: where there used to be only dark brown hair, there is now far more grey than brown. It seems that the stress of running a country would turn any person’s hair grey. But is stress really to blame? And why does hair turn grey, even for those of us who don’t have jobs quite as stressful as President of the United States?”

“When and how thoroughly your hair turns grey is influenced mostly by the genes you inherit from your parents. Though stress may play a role in the process, it would be more helpful to look to past generations rather than your current stress levels to help you predict when or if you’ll go grey,” Health Harvard stated.

The article explains further that other health problems could be the foundation of grey hair. It listed:

  1. Vitamin B Deficiency.
  2. Thyroid disease.
  3. Neurofibromatosis (Von Recklinghausen disease)

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All the diseases stated build tumours along nerves. They also cause abnormal growth of bones and skins.

It stated, “Tuberous sclerosis: an uncommon, inherited condition that causes benign tumours in multiple organs (including the brain, heart, kidneys, eyes, lungs, and skin). Vitiligo, a condition that causes melanocytes (the cells at the base of hair follicles that produce colour) to be lost or destroyed — perhaps because the immune system “misfires” and attacks the scalp rather than an infection.”

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