face masks hack

3 Hacks to Wearing a Face-Mask Without Stressing your Ears

face masks hack

Since the ease of the lock-down globally so as to resume activities and to keep economies moving after a long halt in various sectors of life events. The WHO and regulatory bodies mandated wearing of face masks as a measure to prevent both the spreading and contacting of the deadly corona virus. The use of the face masks helps to prevent anyone who may be infected with the corona virus from sneezing and coughing into the atmosphere as well as someone who isn’t infected from contacting the virus.

face masks

The preventive measure of wearing a face mask has become a new way of lifestyle as people are required to wear face masks at public gatherings, in the office, marketplaces, means of transportation and other encounters outside the home. This led to the creation of different types of face masks on sale. Face masks made from various materials was in commercialization as people are seen sporting everything from bandannas to scarves in public, most variations of masks used are with cloth covering the mouth and elastic ear loops.

This fabric or cloth masks however make it difficult to breathe and puts so much pressure on the ears after long hours of usage causing frictions at the back of the ears leading to irritation. Some few clear hacks on wearing a face masks without straining your ears with elastic ear loops have been improvised and we’ll be sharing them with you;

Non-Elastic Face-Masks

One option you might want to consider adopting with the use of face-mask is to avoid elastic completely. If you’re able to wear a cloth mask, rather than a surgical mask, it’s possible to find designs with ties rather than elastic. These kinds of face-masks allow for you to tie the knobs at the back of your head thereby leaving your ears free from stress or irritation. They feature two sets of ties to ensure a close fit without anything rubbing against your ears.

Cap/Headbands with Buttons

Be it a base cap or headband, buttons can be placed on it strategically on either sides of the head so as to hang elastic hook. Health workers can find this very useful as buttons can also be placed on scrub caps so as to ensure wearing face-masks at all times without straining the back of the ears with elastic loops.

Ear Saver Clips

Try a ear-saver clip that’s positioned at the back of the head and used to hold elastic ear loops

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