3 Facts About UTI, Urinating After Sex You Must Know


3 Facts About UTI, Urinating After Sex You Must Know

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A health expert has revealed three facts about the Urinary Tract Infection and urinating after sex.

The expert is a retired Chief Research Fellow at the Nigerian Institute of Medical Research, Yaba Lagos.

Identified as Dr Dan Onwujekwe has said urinating after sex cannot prevent UTIs in women.

He noted three facts about UTIs, they are:

  • UTI is not a sexually transmitted infection.
  • UTIs could lead to infertility and kidney damage.
  • It can be transmitted through sex.

Cleveland Clinic a research medical centre confirmed other facts about UTIs. It says women are more exposed to UTIs than men because of their anatomy.

The Clinic said:

“In females, the urethra — the tube where urine comes out — is shorter and closer to the anus than in males. That makes it easier for germs to reach your urethra and travel into your bladder.”

Onwujekwe said like gonorrhoea and syphilis, the urinary tract infections that are transmitted through sex. He explained that the UTI could be prevented by the appropriate and regular use of condoms. 

His words:

“Appropriate and regular use of condoms can prevent transmission of sexually transmitted infections of the urinary tract.

“What you need to know is that urine comes from the bladder and the bladder sits on top of the vagina. That is how anatomy is. So, whatever that is deposited that can cause infection is usually gonorrhoea and Chlamydia.

“When they are deposited inside the vagina, where they affect the vagina vault, then they can affect the cervix or the uterus.

“The urinary tract is on top of the anterior wall of the vagina. If the infection stays there, urinating alone cannot prevent it.”

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He insisted that urinating after sex does not prevent UTIs, rather it increases the risks.

Onwujekwe warned:

“The information on social media that urinating after sex can prevent urinary tract infection, especially in females is wrong.”

He advised women with urinary tract infections to avoid self-medication. The researcher said proper diagnosis and adequate treatment are required.

Onwujekwe also warned that UTIs could lead to kidney damage and infertility if not adequately treated.

There is a 2019 article that says UTI is a leading cause of morbidity and comorbidities in patients with underlying conditions.  

The article was titled ‘Prevalence of Bacterial Urinary Tract Infections and Associated Factors among Patients Attending Hospitals in Bushenyi District, Uganda’.

The authors said it accounts for the major reasons for hospital checks globally.

They urged individuals to have a sound knowledge of urinary tract infections. According to them, timely and early intervention can bring the disease under control.

International Journal of Microbiology publishes papers on microorganisms and their interaction with hosts and the environment.

The authors said:

“Urinary tract infection is known to cause short-term morbidity in terms of fever, dysuria, and lower abdominal pain and may result in permanent scarring of the kidney.

“Urinary tract infections may be asymptomatic, acute, chronic, and complicated or uncomplicated, and the clinical manifestations of urinary tract infections depend on the portion of the urinary tract involved, the etiologic organisms, the severity of the infection, and the patient’s ability to mount an immune response to it.

“Both asymptomatic and symptomatic urinary tract infection poses a serious threat to public health care, hence reducing the quality of life and resulting in work absenteeism.

“The symptoms of urinary tract infections such as fever, burning sensations while urinating, low back pain, itching, formation of blisters and ulcers in the genital area, genital and suprapubic pain, and pyuria generally depend on the age of the person infected and the location of the urinary tract infected.”

Source: PUNCH HealthWise

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