2 Reasons Why You Must Include Dancing In Your Routine This June 2022


2 Reasons Why You Must Include Dancing In Your Routine

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Wellness Health News has gathered two strong reasons why dancing should be included in your daily routine this June.

According to Safari Fitness, an African-inspired dance group dancing helps maintain:

  • Healthy physical balance.
  • Healthy mental wellness.

The co-founder of Safari Fitness, Trisha Maja disclosed this during a video interview.

She advised the public to embrace body workouts and dancing exercises. She listed a series of benefits of dancing and they are:

  • Burn calories.
  • Strengthen the muscles.
  • Enhance concentration.
  • Improve body flexibility.

Maja said:

“Our vision of Safari superseded many of our expectations already, and I have to say we are still on course.

“We are still looking at the global picture; we now have instructors in the UK, we have them in Budapest, Hungary; we have them in Kenya and we are still moving; we have them in Austria, so, it has been amazing.”

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Another co-founder, Oumar Camara, urged different age grades of persons to take up the habit of dance fitness.

 Camara said:

“Safari Fitness is designed to benefit everyone no matter the age. If my grandmother could dance for fitness, anyone can do it.”

Akin Maja, a member of the fitness group spoke about the expansion of Safari Fitness. Maja said the initiative had already expanded into nine countries. He said the next country to join is Zimbabwe.

Maja said:

“Most people tend to import ideas from the rest of the world to Africa, but with Safari Fitness, what we are actually trying to do is reverse that idea and export something that is African and unique into the rest of the world.”

A Kenyan Dance Instructor, Josephine Simonet, said:

“Does Safari has a place in the fitness world? Yes, it has a very big place indeed and it has started already and it’s going places, everyone is now excited about Safari Fitness in the country.”

Source: PUNCH HealthWise

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