1 Shocking Benefit Of Muscle-Strengthening To Human Life


Research Says Muscle-Strengthening Boosts Long Life.

1 Shocking Benefit Of Muscle-Strengthening To Human Life.

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A recent review has stated that muscle-strengthening could boost long life.

This review published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine was obtained from 16 different studies.

It says that 30 to 60 minutes of muscle-strengthening activity every week lowers the risk of the following diseases by 10-17 per cent. They are:

  • All-cause mortality.
  • Cardiovascular disease.
  • Total cancer.
  • Diabetes.
  • Lung cancer.

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Meanwhile, the muscle-strengthen exercise may not be able to lower some health conditions such as:

  • Colon.
  • Kidney.
  • Bladder.
  • Pancreatic cancers.

The report further revealed that a combination of muscle work and aerobic activities is very good. The data showed that it reduced the death risk from:

  • Cardiovascular disease by 46%.
  • Cancer by 28%.
  • Other illnesses by 40%.

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Muscle-strengthening and Aerobics

The authors involved in this research agree that a combination of muscle and aerobic activities is highly beneficial. This is because muscle-strengthening exercise and aerobic work are associated with a lower death risk.

They agreed that the combination might provide a greater benefit for reducing all-cause, CVD and cancer mortality.

We observed that the study had no maximum amount of exercise needed. It, however, noted that as little as 30 minutes to 60 minutes weekly, can have a great impact on health.

In summary, the study concluded that a little dedication can have a great impact eventually.

Source: PUNCH Health Wise

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