Who is the baby’s father?

Dr Remmy

Dear Dr Remmy, My neighbour and his wife got into a heated fight on Thursday evening and everyone could hear their yelling from three blocks away. I reside in a multi-tenancy apartment, so you can imagine how we all heard the noise and the cause of the commotion. So, it happened that Oga who we […]

Introducing Wellness Gist

With attentiveness and responsiveness as part of our core values, Wellness HMO is launching “Wellness Gist” with Dr Remy.  The purpose is to allow everyone to share their experiences, educate people through these experiences and get the right help in solving them. Several people are going through various health and psychological challenges and they need […]

Discovering Spirituality, Health and Wellness in Ramadan

Maryam slammed the door on Maimuna‚Äôs face before charging into her room angrily. She just called her a lazy person because she expressed her fears of Ramadan. Maryam knows that she is not a lazy person although, she knows for a fact that she is not the most productive person especially in the month of […]