Why It Is Important to Have Health Insurance In Nigeria

Why is health insurance important in Nigeria

At wellness healthcare, we have monthly plans for as low as N2,800. You are more likely to be able to afford health insurance than you are to be able to pay for a surgery, illness, or emergency room visit out of your own money

Senator Danjuma Cries Out Against Lack of FMC in Gombe

Former Governor of Gombe State and Senator representing Gombe Central, Senator Danjuma Goje, has called out the huge gap between the primary and the tertiary healthcare delivery in Gombe state. He pointed out that this absence was created due to the absence of a Federal Medical Centre (FMC) and said the absence is worsening the […]

Dear Dr. Remmy…

Dr Remmy

Dear Dr. Remmy, Dear Writer, While I may not be able to answer whether or not the child belongs to another man, I can tell you that it is possible to receive your “period” and still be pregnant.  Now, I’m putting “period” in quotes because what women assume is their period during this time, is […]

How To Become Wealthy


Chukwuma finds himself once again lost in Deborah’s gaze. Their eyes have been locked for several minutes wondering in a different array of thoughts but the mutual connection of thinking still borders on marriage and the time it will happen. Deborah celebrated her 34th birthday a month ago and Chukwuma knows for a fact that […]

Access to quality health care

Wellness guarantess access to quality and seamless medical care. 100% Satisfaction guaranteed! Reach us on: 0700WELLNESS, 070093556377 OR Visit: wellnesshealthcare.com.ng OR Leave on a message on Whatsapp: https://wa.me/message/NEE2ZQIONIPLH1

How To Achieve A Sound Spiritual Health and Wellness In The Beautiful Ramadan

Maryam slammed the door on Maimuna’s face before charging into her room in anger. She called her a lazy person because she expressed her fears of Ramadan.Maryam knows that she is not a lazy person but understands that she is not the most productive person, especially in beautiful Ramadan. In the past, she had to […]

Five Interesting Foods That Can Build Your Mental Wellness.

Adamma had been dealing with migraine since she reached puberty. Despite being a working-class married woman, the headaches remained a major problem. She decided to seek medical advice from her doctor in a few days but the excruciating pain led to Adamma’s untimely death just before her appointment was due. What Adamma didn’t know was […]

Ikotun – Igando Community Health Scheme (ICHS)

ICHS is designed as a market-based program for traders in Ikotun market, Igando market and other markets in the environs. The Scheme was flagged-off in May 2015 Ikotun market is one of the largest markets in Lagos State with over 6,000 traders. The scheme is modelled around a small network to private primary health centre […]