How To Become Wealthy

Chukwuma finds himself once again lost in Deborah’s gaze. Their eyes have been locked for several minutes wondering in a different array of thoughts but the mutual connection of thinking still borders on marriage and the time it will happen. Deborah celebrated her 34th birthday a month ago and Chukwuma knows for a fact that […]

Access to quality health care

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Discovering Spirituality, Health and Wellness in Ramadan

Maryam slammed the door on Maimuna’s face before charging into her room angrily. She just called her a lazy person because she expressed her fears of Ramadan. Maryam knows that she is not a lazy person although, she knows for a fact that she is not the most productive person especially in the month of […]

Brain Booster: Five Shocking Food That Builds Mental Wellness.

Adamma had been dealing with migraine since she reached puberty. Despite being a working-class married woman, the headaches remained a major problem. She decided to seek medical advice from her doctor in a few days but the excruciating pain led to Adamma’s untimely death just before her appointment was due. What Adamma didn’t know was […]

Ikotun – Igando Community Health Scheme (ICHS)

ICHS is designed as a market-based program for traders in Ikotun market, Igando market and other markets in the environs. The Scheme was flagged-off in May 2015 Ikotun market is one of the largest markets in Lagos State with over 6,000 traders. The scheme is modelled around a small network to private primary health centre […]